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Mindfulness Retreats

A Path Toward Purpose and Meaning (March 2017)

Mindfulness can be a path toward discovering and creating purpose and meaning in our lives.  Very often purpose and meaning are expressed, developed, and/or created through our work in the world, whether that work is paid (jobs, careers) or unpaid (volunteer, caregiving, etc.).

Participants will learn mindfulness practices which neuroscience tells us support strengthening brain regions associated with focus, memory and executive function, positive emotions, and decision-making.  Research indicates that these same practices are correlated with enhanced well-being and resilience, interpersonal and performance effectiveness, collaboration and creativity, increased leadership capacity, job satisfaction and happiness, and fewer stress symptoms and sick days.

While the retreat will be held primarily in silence, participants will receive guidance in mindfulness practices that begin by heightening self-awareness and then expand to include interactions with others.  There will be brief periods of time available for questions throughout the retreat, and the opportunity to participate in interpersonal mindfulness practices if you choose.

Leave with a deepened sense of purpose and awareness of what has meaning for you right now, as well as specific practices to support you in expressing this even more fully through your work in the world.

No previous mindfulness experience is required and the retreat is open to those new to meditation as well as to experienced practitioners.

Recognizing and Trusting Awareness (June 2017)

Life only happens in this moment.  Are you available for the full experience every moment has to offer?  Even the seemingly small everyday moments?  Mindfulness is a basic human capacity for non-judgmental awareness of experiencing the present moment.  In this mostly silent, intensive mindfulness meditation retreat, we will investigate the natural ease and impact moment-by-moment awareness can have- to promote insight, to nurture resilience and joy, and to transform the experience and activity of daily life.

We will offer instructions and guidance for practicing a variety of mindfulness meditation methods, as well as providing some opportunities for discussion and questions.  The majority of the retreat will consist of silent meditation periods involving sitting, walking, or gentle movement.

No previous mindfulness experience is required and the retreat is open to those new to meditation as well as to experienced practitioners.

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