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Public and Professional Programs Currently Registering

Integrative Health Coach Training

Foundation Course – Online: Starts Feb. 11, 2019 | Register now through Feb. 8, 2019
Foundation Course – In-Person: Starts April 1, 2019 | Register now through March 29, 2019
Certification Course: Starts Jan. 28, 2019 | Register now through Jan. 18, 2019

CEUs available for Foundation Course: ACCME, ACPE, ANCC, IACET, ICF

CEUs available for Certification Course: ACCME, ACPE, ANCC, IACET, ICF, ICHWC

Become an Integrative Health Coach! Acquire the core coaching skills and competencies as you learn to incorporate them into professional practice. Duke’s IHCPT Program includes the Foundation Course and the Certification Course.

Tapping into Health: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for Self-Healing

Starts Feb. 21 | Register now through Feb. 19

CEUs available: ICHWC

EFT is a mind-body-spirit self-care approach which involves tapping on acupuncture points while repeating emotionally-charged statements that relate to specific health issues. This workshop will be an intensive four-week experiential program featuring group tapping exercises and individual tapping demonstrations for a variety of topics.

Day of Mindfulness

March 2019 | Starts Mar 2 | Register now through Feb 28
May 2010 | Starts May 18 | Register now through May 16

CEUs available: ICHWC

Join with those currently enrolled in an MBSR or MBSR Distance Learning course for a full-day meditation intensive. Renew or deepen your mindfulness practice in a supportive retreat environment.

Pre-requisite:  Completion of an MBSR course is required to register for this course.

For Those Who Hurt: Managing Chronic Pain

Starts March 9 | Register now through March 6

CEUs available: ICHWC

Join Licensed Acupuncturist Janet Shaffer and Licensed Massage Therapist Kim Turk for a 3-hour workshop to learn about and experience many of these methods to determine if they work for you. People living with conditions such as chronic pain, slow-healing injuries, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, sciatica, muscle pain, joint pain, tendinitis, and bursitis may benefit from participating in this program.

Healing Yoga for Back and Neck Pain

Starts Mar. 12 | Register now through Mar. 8

CEUs available: ICHWC

In our high-stress, sedentary world, pain in the back and neck is a common ailment.  Learn postures to sit in a chair, stand, and move with good alignment, techniques to stretch tight muscles and strengthen weak ones, how to use your breath to relax body and mind, and sequences and skills to develop your own home practice.

Planning for Your Best Health: Group Coaching Series

Starts March 13 | Register now through March 11

CEUs available: ICHWC

In this 6-session series, you will partner with a Duke Integrative Health Coach as a guide on your journey. The group support, experiential activities, and tools offered in this program provide a safe space for you to explore and achieve your health and wellness goals.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

March 2019 | Starts week of Mar. 25 | Register now through Mar. 22

CEUs available: ICHWC

MBSR can help people who are coping with medical problems, job or family-related stress, and anxiety and depression. The majority of participants report lasting decreases in both physical and psychological symptoms. Pain levels improve and people learn to better cope with pain that may not go away. Most people also report an increased ability to relax, greater enthusiasm for life, improved self-esteem, and increased ability to cope more effectively with stressful situations.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Distance Learning

April 2019| Starts Apr. 1 | Register now through Mar. 28

CEUs available: ICHWC

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a method of using meditation and yoga to cultivate awareness and reduce stress. It is based on the ancient practice of mindfulness, which is about waking up, being fully alive, and being present for the richness of each moment of our lives. Within this awakening, we gain access to our deepest inner resources for living, healing, and coping with stress.

In the MBSR Distance Learning course participants “meet” with their instructor and classmates once a week via telephone conference, from wherever they may be.  This program is designed to deliver the same teachings and opportunity for group learning as our on-site MBSR program to those who are unable to visit our facility on a weekly basis, for reasons of scheduling difficulties, distance, or physical limitations.

Reiki: Level One

Starts April 6 | Register now through April 3

CEUs available: ICHWC, NCBTMB

Reiki, a form of energy healing, is an ancient practice that is used to reduce stress, improve health and quality of life, and support physical and emotional healing. Research suggests that using Reiki as a complementary therapy activates the parasympathetic nervous system to heal body and mind via the relaxation response. Reiki is accessible to everyone and is easy to learn. Practitioners use specific hand positions, held for a few minutes on or near the client’s clothed body. Participants who complete Reiki 1 training will be eligible for continuing education credits.

Urban Retreat

Starts Apr. 29 | Register now through Apr. 25

CEUs available: ICHWC

This 3-day retreat will offer conditions conducive to your own inner search for balance and respite, where you will be pointed toward the silence that holds all noise, the stillness that holds all motion, and the peace that is always available, no matter the hectic nature of our day to day lives.

Leading Others In Writing For Health

Starts May 2 | Register now through April 26


This 2-day workshop is a comprehensive, experiential training based on James Pennebaker’s 30 years of research in writing to heal.  The curriculum will provide easily adaptable lessons, activities, and guideposts for anyone working in the healthcare field — physicians, nurses, mental health professionals, hospice workers, health coaches, and others — to use with their clients and patients.

Mindful Yoga for Cancer

Starts Jun. 18 | Register now through Jun. 12

CEUs available: YA, ICHWC

This eight-day professional training program offered to yoga instructors introduces the Mindful Yoga program developed by founders Jim and Kimberly Carson, based upon clinical trials of the Yoga of Awareness intervention conducted with cancer patients at Duke. The program incorporates discussion, practice, and instruction on more skillful yoga practices for people healing from cancer. Hear from Duke medical experts in oncology, health psychology, physical therapy, and palliative care who present relevant information for teaching yoga to those who are navigating the cancer journey.

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