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Intentional Healing Group

A new year often marks a hopeful and new beginning.  It is a year of new possibilities, positive change, and steps forward in our life.

Though for many, a new year serves as another year of loss, grief and sadness over the loss of a loved one.   It may be a new loss with a very fresh wound or one that has yet to be healed.   Everyone recovers from grief in their own way and in their own time.

Have you lost someone important in your life and would like to join a supportive group to explore opportunities for intentional healing?

Please join us if you find yourself struggling with issues of sadness related to loss or grief to explore with others how to adjust with this new reality of living without the physical presence of your loved one.



February 20- April 10, 2017

11:00- 12:30 pm

Duke Integrative Medicine 

3745 Erwin Road

Durham, NC 27705

Led by 

Dr. Julie Seel

Dr. Jane Floyd

Additional Details: 

Please contact (NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 13) and provide the following in an email:

  • Your Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Email

Everyone has different benefits coverage thus we are not able to provide a specific cost for attendance in this initial note. Following receipt of the above, we will contact you to obtain insurance information. At that time we will contact your insurance company to verify coverage, identify your benefits and the copay for your attendance in the group

This financial copay will be communicated via email prior to the start of the group

If you have any other questions you may contact Dr. Floyd at 919-660-1542 or email (  which would be the preferred method.

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