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About the Foundation Course

This course combines an online curriculum with onsite face-to-face training in order to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals.  This combination provides students with hands-on experiential practice of their new skills, preparing graduates to immediately utilize their skills.

At the conclusion of the Foundation Course, participants will have met the following learning objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the science of behavior change, personal health planning, the Wheel of Health, and mindful awareness.
  • Learn how to incorporate these fundamental elements into coaching practices that motivate others to adopt positive behaviors for health and wellness.
  • Learn an integrative health coaching framework for use with individuals and groups, and have the opportunity to practice utilizing this framework.

Course Design

The Foundation Course is conducted through two onsite, 5-day training modules and distance-learning components.  These onsite training modules are spaced approximately eight weeks apart and include lectures, small-group learning exercises, live coaching demonstrations, experiential practice, and mentored feedback.  The distance-learning components include six web-based training modules on coaching topics, eight coaching demonstration videos, and four 90-minute telephonic skills practice sessions.  Course completion includes a written examination.

Continuing Education Credits Available

Those who successfully complete all the course modules and requirements will earn a Certificate of Completion, Continuing Education Units, and International Coach Federation Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Credits.

International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching (ICHWC): This program is an ICHWC-Approved Transition Program. Successful graduates meet the training eligibility requirements (for the Transition Phase) to sit for the HWC Certifying Examination required for health & wellness coaches to become National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC).

Training Competencies

  • Explore the role of Integrative Health Coaching in the transformation of healthcare.
  • Review research on the efficacy of Integrative Health Coaching.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Patient Centered Care, the Wheel of Health (WOH) and Personalized Health Planning as they relate to Integrative Health Coaching.
  • Understand the change process through the review of key concepts of the neuroscience of change and existing behavior change models and theories.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of The Essential Elements of Integrative Health Coaching: Skills, Process, Partnership and Mindful Awareness.
    • Effectively utilize coaching skills such as other-focused listening, reflections, inquiry and summary to assist clients in articulating their desired behavior changes, health vision and goals.
    • Effectively utilize the Duke IM Integrative Health Coaching Process Model as a framework to assist clients in taking action toward sustainable health behaviors by establishing their optimal health vision and values, assessing inconsistencies with their current health behaviors, exploring their readiness to make behavior changes, establishing a focus with goals and action steps, and preparing for and assessing action over time.
    • Explore the components of an effective partnership between client and coach.
    • Explore mindful awareness and its role in enhancing the application of coaching skills, process and partnership.
  • Explore the global structure of a coaching series that occurs over time, as well as the structure and objectives of each session within a coaching series.
  • Understand the advantages and challenges of group coaching and the integration of coaching elements with group facilitation skills.
  • Understand ethical considerations for the coaching profession.

Do You Have Additional Questions?

We have compiled a list of questions we are often asked. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for the answers to common questions about the IHPCT Foundation Course.

If you are unable to find the information you need after viewing our Frequently Asked Questions, please contact Duke IM Programs.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for participation are as follows:

  • Internet access
  • Desktop or laptop computer
  • Phone line with long-distance capability
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