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Informed Mindfulness and the Art of Decision Making

By Adam Perlman, MD, MPH Throughout our day, we face multiple decision points. On a personal level, it may be things like what to eat or where to invest our money. On an organizational level, it might be decisions about how to reduce spending while still increasing productivity or who to hire out of the three interviewed applicants. Our ability to move in the direction of—and actually achieve—our larger goals and purposes are to a great degree dictated by these daily ...

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Fear, Courage and Finding the Way Forward

By Bonnie Horrigan Over the course of my career I have had the good fortune to have leadership positions through which I could help manifest a new vision for healthcare.   They have been positions in which my personal values and my professional responsibilities were aligned, which has resulted in my having a career I love but also a career that has meaning and value. As I was reflecting on how I ended up in these positions in the first place, I ...

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Mindfulness Practice Notes #5

By Jeffrey Brantley, MD In the wake of the political campaign season and the recent election, many people have asked me if I thought mindfulness could help to heal the intense negative feelings and polarization of views that seems to be the current mind-state of so many in our country and our world.  I have responded with a strong "yes", and encouraged anyone who asks, to reflect mindfully on the deeper causes of pain in themselves and in each other ...

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One Physician’s Journey

By Elisabeth Fontaine, MD My passion as a physician has always been to keep my patients healthy, and my vision is to develop a Lifestyle Medicine Clinic as a transformative adjunct of the wellbeing visit, to teach individuals about the importance of their health.  In redefining the norm as being healthy, we will need to stop the stigmatization of obesity, overweight and chronic disease and transition to the simple desire to feel good. I started in the direction of my interest with ...

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How Strong is your “R Factor”?

By Michael C. Aquilino Are you the type of person who is interested in deriving results? My life’s work has been dedicated to supporting, guiding, coaching, and strategizing with individuals, teams and organizations throughout the country in order to garner the results they envision.  Helping people bolster their “resilience” is one of the things I do. Within this conversation about the “R Factor” there is a distinction at work that plays a vital role in being successful in all that ...

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