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Frequently Asked Questions

For Patients


Do Duke Employees receive a discount?

Yes. All Duke Employees receive a discount on therapeutic services that are not billable to insurance.  Programs and educational classes are event-specific; please refer to the specific program for details.

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What is your cancellation policy?

Clinical Services: We require notification no less than 24 hours prior to an appointment.
Classes, Workshops, Events, and Professional Trainings: Click here for more details.

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Can I use my Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to pay for services?

Yes; many of our services can be covered by an FSA. Please check with your FSA carrier for a list of services allowed.

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Do you accept Medicare?

Yes; we are happy to accept Medicare Part B when it is your primary insurance. Please note that patients are responsible for all co-payments in keeping with Medicare guidelines. We file only Medicare Allowable Services. PLEASE NOTE: Medicare only covers some of our services (generally MD and selected health psychology services) and not others.  You will be given information at the time you sign in alerting you to services that are not covered by Medicare.

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Do you accept third party insurance plans?

Yes; we accept most insurance plans for physician consultations and select insurance plans for health psychology and nutrition appointments. You can learn more HERE.

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Do I need a referral from a doctor to receive treatment at Duke Integrative Medicine?

No referral is needed. Anyone may come for any service at our practice.

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