About Us


Medical care unlike any other...
When a visit to your doctor leaves you feeling rejuvenated and replenished...
Where you are surrounded by a healing environment that inspires you to reach new levels of health...

Welcome to Duke Integrative Medicine.

Our Mission

Duke Integrative Medicine is committed to transforming the way healthcare is delivered in the 21st century. Our expert providers integrate the best of Western scientific medicine with proven complementary therapies to address the whole person--body, mind, spirit, and community.  Our innovative model of care--including primary care, physician consultations, health coaching, annual membership, and a broad array of clinical services, classes, workshops, and trainings--is focused on healing and provides personalized, comprehensive support across time.

To learn more about our mission, see our Patient Bill of Rights.

Our Goals

Four goals guide our mission to transform health care:

  • To develop, demonstrate, and implement effective integrative models for clinical service.
  • To educate a new generation of health care professionals about integrative approaches to care for the benefit of their patients and in their own lives.
  • To establish, through rigorous academic research, the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of integrative models of care and integrative models of education.
  • To be a leading voice in the national discourse shaping the future of healthcare, based on our experiences in new models of medicine, professional education, and research.